Filters are 3-Layer lightweight composite with Nanofiber technology designed to safeguard from several airborne particles including bacteria and viruses. Constructed from polypropylene spunbond nonwoven with a fine fitration layer and surface layer of polyester nonwoven. 


Is the filter material washable?

It has been recognized by “Advanced Filtration Manufacturers Association (AFMA)” that advanced materials used in face mask filtration should not be washed due to the material damage and decrease in filtration quality. 


Material Filtration Comparison: 

Poleyester/Cotton Tights -  2.50%

Polyester Dress Shirt -  2.50%

Cotton Shirt - 9.30%

Polyester/Cotton Sewing Fabric - 10.40%

Microfiber Dish Towel - 14.50%

3-Layer Nanofiber Technology Filter Material - 90%



Replacement Filters: 5-Pack (Adult)

SKU: 00
  • Multi-Layer filter for face mask pocket. 

  • For sanitary & safety reasons, this product is final sale and cannot be returned.